Now announcing: high speed fiber optic internet in all Layla Guesthouse for our digital nomads 💻⚡️!

Now announcing: high speed fiber optic internet in all Layla Guesthouse for our digital nomads 💻⚡️!

Hair Salon & Spa

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Hair for Men & Women

Our Hair Salon is not just about feeling pretty. Our stylists will first make a hair assessment by getting to know your hair care routines, your lifestyle, your current hair color and texture among many other factors.

You will leave our Salon knowing how to take better care of your hair and feeling totally renewed.

Hair Salon

Women & Men Haircut:

Hair cut women
FROM $600 mxn

Hair cut men
FROM  $500 mxn

Hair color
FROM $800 mxn

$1200 – 2000 mxn

Extra color / Lowlights
FROM $400 mxn

$1200 – 2000 mxn

$1200 – 2000 mxn

Extra low light
$400 mxn

FROM $800 mxn

$1200 – 2000 mxn

Blow dry
FROM $400 mxn

Deep conditioning treatments
FROM $400 mxn

Up do
FROM $800 mxn


OLAPLEX available.

These are reference prices and may vary, please contact us for specific questions.

The most important thing is that you get the haircut you want but also know about the best way to nurture your hair, that way you will always keep it healthy. At Layla Salon our specialists will listen to you and also assess you according to your hair type, your skin tone and other factors.
Also we want you to be able to maintain your hair as healthy as you can, so be ready to receive some hair and skin guidance!


Massage Therapies

60 minutes  $1500 mxn

90 minutes  $2300 mxn

Therapeutic massage

We combine different techniques that help remove knots and blockages in order to restore both the physical and psycho emotional bodies. Deep tissue massage, stretching, shiatsu, reflexology, essential oils and nervous system relaxation combine to release stocked old tensions.

90 min – $2300 mxn  

Herbal Poultice Massage

Healing herbs such as basil, lemongrass, rosemary, chamomile, mint and eucalyptus are dried and bundled together to create this amazing poultice. We have designed this warm massage to deliver all the healing properties of these herbs to your body by steaming it and then applying it onto your skin with soft relaxing movements. This has become a 'must have' massage. Ask our therapist for more information about its healing properties.

90 min – $2600 mxn

Facial Massage & Mask

A facial to forget about time, this treatment was designed to make you feel timeless, with a combination of different lifting maneuvers and ingredients that will nurture your skin and leave it soft, tight and plump

60 min – $1500 mxn

Black Mud Wrap 

Renew yourself and allow the earth to cleanse and purify your physical body. We begin with a full body exfoliation with sea salt and rosemary. Followed by a warm black mud wrap while your therapist performs a champi massage (neck, scalp and face massage). After, you will rinse all impurities from your body in our outdoor warm shower. Now your body is ready to receive a nurturing relaxing massage with organic oils that will leave your skin soft and nurtured. (If you have claustrophobic tendancies, please ask for indications about this treatment)

100 min – $2700 mxn

Relaxation Massage

Every massage should be relaxing. Once balance is brought back to the body, we can rest. This massage uses low to medium pressure to create a neuro sedative effect that will leave you peaceful and pampered.

60 min – $1500 mxn

Layla Wellness Packages

Pamper yourself and your loved ones

Book your package now and we will contact you to make an appointment

Bird of Paradise

Total Body Exfoliation
Black Mud Wrap
Relaxing massage

100 min – $3800 mxn

King or Queen Ritual

Facial Massage and Mask
Relaxing body massage

100 min – $2800 mxn

Layla Ritual

Body Exfoliation
Relaxing massage

80 min – $2200 mxn


Waxing & Nails


We use hot wax that promotes skin hydration and leaves your skin feeling smooth to enjoy your days at the beach. Our equipment sterilizes the wax making the process safe. Ask for our Brazilian wax!

Upper lip or chin
$180 mxn 

$180 mxn

Ear or nose
$100 mxn

$350 mxn


$250 mxn

Half legs
$400 mxn

Full legs

$700 mxn

$350 mxn

Special bikini
$600 mxn

$1000 mxn


$350 mxn

Waxing packages

Underarms + bikini + half legs
$850 mxn

Waxing for men                                              

$250 mxn
$350 mxn
$600 mxn

$400 mxn
$350 mxn

Neck + Shoulders + Back
$50 USD / 1000 mx
Chest + Abdomen
$25 USD / 500 mx


Regular Manicure
$400 mxn

Polish Manicure
$500 mxn

Gel Manicure
$650 mxn

Regular Pedicure
$500 mxn 


$600 mxn 

Polish Pedicure
$600 mxn

Gel Pedicure
$700 mxn

Regular mani + pedi
$750 mxn

Polish mani + pedi
$900 mxn

Gel mani + pedi
$1200 mxn

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Marcos Aguilar




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*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)

*** Prices in US Dollar (USD$)