The very first morning here, it became abundantly clear that we would never be lonely. A chorus of araki, oriole, and other birds welcomed us to the new day and this new life here in their tropical paradise. Why paradise ? The tropics offer a deliciously warm environment where things…grow ! The ficus plant that struggles so back home dropping leaves if you so much as look at it funny , thrives here …. From sun-up at 6 something in the morning and for the next 12 hours, life surges all around us. Living things and creatures are never very far away. One night we came home to find an ant flash-mob had settled in our empty living room…and I mean literally thousands and THOUSANDS of the tiny lil fellas… Somewhat panicked, I quarantined off that section of the livingroom wall that was housing the dark cloud of ants by rubbing a line of lavendar household cleaner on the perimeter -apparently they don t like lavender?? . We retired out under the veranda with something cool to drink, and to our delight 20 minuted later, that crowd had dispersed..completely ! Not a straggler remaining behind. rythymn –

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